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Our Services

Scheduled Maintenance

Why is scheduled maintenance critical percent important? Unplanned maintenance is generally more expensive than planned maintenance so by performing your PMs on time or as close to on time as possible can help avoid any unscheduled breakdowns, repairs and downtime.
  • Oil and filter service
  • Air filter
  • Cabin filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Spark plugs
  • Transmission fluid & Filter
  • Tire Rotation
  • Fluid Flush

Powertrain Diagnosis and Repair

We use skilled technicians and the most updated diagnostic equipment to identify the source of your problem.
  • Drivability concerns
  • Check engine lights
  • Malfunction indicator lights
  • SRS lights
  • ABS and traction control lights
  • Selling car materials and stuff
  • Repair cars and materials
  • Creating new car assets and wheels

Engine and Chassis Tuning

We have all of the equipment necessary to help you setup your chassis. We recognize that building high power engines does you no good unless you can apply the horsepower to the ground. A properly tuned chassis will increase you car's performance as well as it's consistency. Bring your car to us and we will weigh it and provide you with a base line 4-link/ladder bar setup.
  • Engine Blueprinting
  • Complete Powertrain Packages
  • Fuel Injection and ignition mapping
  • Multiple fuel selections E85, Pump Gas, Race Fuel, Diesel
  • Corner Balancing services available
  • Alignment services available
  • Component Selection
  • Dyno tuning

Performance Upgrades

When it comes to power and performance, you’re willing to do just about anything to get the most from your vehicle. But, some modifications aren’t worth the time and effort—or, at least not yet. If you’re thinking about upgrading your engine, you need to know what the best engine upgrades are in order to get the biggest boosts in power and performance.
  • Software Re-flashes
  • Stand Alone EFI systems
  • Bolt-on suspension and engine components
  • Coil over suspension kits
  • Internal Engine components
  • Wheel and Tire combonations
  • Clutch, Transmission and Driveline

Electrical Diagnosis and Repair

Today's modern vehicles rely on electricity more than ever to properly function. AG Autowerks offers a full range of electrical service repairs from batteries, starters and alternators to complex diagnosis and repair of all automotive electrical systems using advanced computerized diagnostic equipment and detailed inspections.
  • Malfunction Indicator Lamps
  • Sporadic Open Circuit and Short Circuits
  • Wiring and Harness Assemblies
  • Control Units and Coding Services

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